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Miami Herald photo of Richard Pachter
   Richard Pachter
Richard Pachter has been The Miami Herald's business books columnist since September, 2000. The column is also syndicated worldwide. Since July 2007, he's been the Contributing Editor–Business for MOLI.com. Pachter is also the pop culture reviewer for Miami NPR station WLRN's South Florida Arts Beat program. From time to time, he also writes features on music, media, food and dining, and other business and cultural phenomena. During semi-normal business hours, Pachter is a copywriter and marketing consultant, and was formerly writer/producer for Herald Creative, The Miami Herald's in-house marketing unit. He also spent nearly 20 years in the late, great record business both as a promotion executive for A&M Records (RIP) and as president of Promotion In Motion, an independent music promotion firm.
(A longer bio will follow, time and ego permitting.)
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